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Multi-family residential DEVELOPMENT

Multi-Family Residential

About the Project

This project includes 338 residential units: 99 townhouses and 2 apartment buildings (140 and 99 units). Onsite and offsite grading, roadworks, storm, sanitary and water designs were provided, along with challenging grading and servicing design, due to a steep 45m grade difference on the site.

Civil Engineering Services:

Off-site civil design, on-site civil design, ESC design, ESC monitoring, cost estimates and proformas, on-site inspections, off-site inspections, as-built drawings

ServicesCivil Engineering

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If you are embarking on a new project, let H.Y. Engineering and H.Y. Surveying help! We have expertise in design, construction and project management, and can provide valuable insights and solutions. From initial planning, to final execution, collaborating with H.Y. Engineering and H.Y. Surveying will ensure a well-rounded approach, technical competence, and a successful outcome for your project.