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2022.11.15 Resources

Development Permit

Parcels of land and buildings that require protection, development controls, and a change in the use, to regulate development within the designated Official Community Plan areas.

Building Permit

Required for new construction or major renovations to the existing building envelope.

Demolition Permit

Required to demolish a building or structure.

Development Permit Requirements:

  • Proposed Subdivision Plan
  • Preliminary Site Plan
  • Civil Servicing Concept Plan
  • Tree Survey and Arborist Report
  • Landscape Plan
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Geotechnical Report
  • Traffic Study

Building Permit Requirements:

  • Architectural Building Floor Plans
  • Architectural Site Plan
  • Civil Site Servicing Plan
  • Site grading, access, and parking plan details
  • Topographic information and Site Survey
  • Landscape Plan
  • Site Profile

Demolition Permit Requirements:

  • Topographic and Tree Survey
  • Site Grading Plan
  • Tree Assessment and Protection Information
  • Erosion and Sediment Control Design
  • Hazardous Materials Report
  • Contractor Information