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2022.01.31 News

The Partners, Managers, and Staff at H.Y. Engineering and H.Y. Surveying would like to announce the retirement of Gene (Eugene) Wong, BCLS, Principal.

Gene completed his study at BCIT (1984) and University of Calgary (1989) with a Bachelor of Science degree in Surveying Engineering and earned his BC Land Surveyor’s designation in 1992.
Through work on common development projects, Gene established close relationships with the original Partners at H.Y. and he was invited to join their team as a Partner in 2002. Gene has said that moving to H.Y. was the best career decision he ever made.

Gene is honoured to be part of the company’s legacy and looks forward to one day having his great grandchildren recognize the H.Y. Engineering name.

We are proud and thankful to Gene for creating the Legal Survey Division and managing it for the past 19 years. We wish Gene a wonderful retirement and hope he enjoys quality time with his daughters and much excitement as he travels the world on his motorcycle.