• “We have been working with H.Y. Engineering Ltd. on our project for 5 years. It is a project that has involved a lot of complexities and H.Y. Engineering Ltd. has been instrumental in leading the process through the City of Surrey Planning & Development. We have welcomed their quick and professional response when we make enquiries on our file and advice offered. We would recommend H.Y. Engineering Ltd. for your development needs. We have been pleased with the work, and the receptive professional attitude of the firm.”

    Jim & Yvonne, SJY Developments Ltd.
  • “H.Y. Engineering is an experienced firm at every stage of the development process. From start to finish, H.Y. has the team members and relevant experience to help see your project through to completion.”

    Harry, Pinecrest Management Ltd.
  • “Gatehouse has had a great relationship with H.Y. Engineering from the get-go. Communication is key when working together on a project. The fact that H.Y. are so responsive means time saved and money saved. We’ve never had to chase anyone to respond to an inquiry – if anything H.Y. have been ahead of the game. We really appreciate the professional and cooperative manner in which H.Y. Engineering conduct themselves.”

    Jeff, Gatehouse Design and Development
  • “We have worked together with H.Y. Engineering on several projects. H.Y.’s team is customer service oriented and communicates well with us through our entire project. They go above and beyond to address our needs and are very responsive and valuable to us during the site acquisition due diligence process.”

    Diane, Quantum Properties
  • “H.Y. Surveying provides exceptional service, with experienced team members that are able to answer questions and communicate effectively. They deliver a high level of service throughout unique assignments and are always eager to take on another project, regardless of the size. The team at H.Y. Surveying is always a pleasure to work with.”

    Duncan, Quarry Rock Developments