Civil Engineering

H.Y.’s design and construction services range from basic two lot subdivisions to large scale urban mixed-use developments and government infrastructure involving the design and construction of roadworks, major trunk water and sewage systems.  We are also involved with large-scale commercial developments requiring implementation of sustainable initiatives to achieve LEED certification. Numerous projects have been successfully completed where challenging soil, topographic conditions and inclement weather conditions exist. These include developments within mountainous slopes and rock soils as well as flat land peat environments.

Civil Engineering Services

  • Project management
  • Project and site evaluations
  • Cost estimates and proformas
  • Design of residential and industrial subdivisions
  • Development of commercial properties
  • Construction tender, supervision, inspection and contract administration
  • Design and Construction of Municipal projects
  • Roadwork, Sewerage and Drainage, Water Distribution Systems, and Street Lighting
  • Storm Water Management
  • Quantity Take-offs
  • Obtaining Government Agency Approvals:
    • Ministry of Environment
    • Ministry of Transportation
    • Ministry of Health
    • Department of Fisheries and Oceans
    • Metro Vancouver
  • Liaison with:
    • Utility companies
    • Legal land surveyors
    • Geotechnical consultants
    • Environmental consultants
    • Architectural firms
    • Special interest groups
    • Project solicitors
    • Financial institutions