Project Management

Cedar Creek Townhomes in Coquitlam

This large multi-phased development, situated on Burke Mountain in Coquitlam, presented unique grading and stormwater retention and infiltration challenges due to the steep slope of the mountain. H.Y. Engineering coordinated with the City of Coquitlam Planning and Development Services Departments to obtain a Development Permit for the project, which included the preparation of the site servicing concept. H.Y. Engineering also provided engineering services for detailed design of the servicing and roadworks required for this project, as well as Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) design and monitoring.

Langley Memorial Hospital Parking Lot Expansion

H.Y. Engineering was invited to act as prime consultant for the parking lot expansion at the Langley Memorial Hospital. H.Y. Engineering Ltd. worked with the Township of Langley to obtain engineering and planning requirements and approvals for the expansion. On-site design services involved storm sewer drainage design, and roadworks drawings with parking lot layout, line markings, and grading details. The use of rain gardens for stormwater treatment, retention, and infiltration purposes were incorporated into the design. H.Y. Engineering Ltd. put out the call for tender of the civil, electrical, and landscape construction aspects of the project and provided contract administration and coordination on behalf of the Langley Memorial Hospital Foundation. The project met all Township standards and completed in 2014 with 710 new parking spaces for the hospital.

9 Lot Subdivision in Surrey

This subdivision included the creation of 9 single family residential lots.  The existing house on the property was retained on one of the new lots and the overall subdivision concept has maintained the half acre (gross) lot size in the neighborhood. In addition, our subdivision design also includes a concept that will interface with future development on the north side of 27th Avenue.

The site servicing included significant road upgrades as well as the construction of a new cul-de-sac bulb. The ultimate site grading was addressed through minimal retaining walls in order to address undeveloped neighboring properties. In addition, the development also required full storm sewer, sanitary sewer, and water main upgrades in order to service the current and future development. Tree preservation was a concern in this area and a significant number of trees were retained with covenants and unique building envelope designs.

The subject site is adjacent to the Sunnyside Acres Urban Forest Park (located on the east side of 144th Street) and also includes a greenbelt area located at the rear of the proposed lots (dedicated to the City as parkland). This greenbelt is in addition to the existing greenbelt that is running east to west and serves as a connection to the Sunnyside Areas Park for wildlife and pedestrian traffic.

This project required close interaction with the neighboring property owners in order to develop a concept that is consistent with the immediate and surrounding areas as well as ensuring proper interface with existing and future development.

Blackberry Walk in Surrey

Blackberry Walk Townhouses is a unique townhouse development within the City of Surrey.  It is a 55 unit townhouse development that has incorporated enhanced drainage sustainability features including ground water infiltration, enhanced topsoil, and water quality devices such as pervious pavement for the on-site parking stalls.  This development also includes a parkland walkway system throughout the site, which connects to the neighbouring development.

H.Y. Engineering Ltd. has prepared both the on and off-site designs for this development which has an average site grade of 5-8%.  The  on-site design includes the enhanced sustainability features for drainage and the off-site design includes the design of 300m of sanitary and storm servicing required for the immediate area.  H.Y. Engineering Ltd. has also prepared the Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) Designs for both on and off-site as well attends to monitoring the site for the compliance of the Erosion and Sediment Control devices. The overall site servicing costs for this project are approximately $1.5 million.

20 Lot Subdivision in Langley

This single family subdivision of 20 lots in Langley was located in an established neighbourhood.  We worked with the Township of Langley Planning and Development Department to determine the necessary public access walkway location.  Additional works were required to address the landscape buffer planting required along Fraser Highway in order to mitigate the noise and sightlines to the busy road.  The buffer design also demonstrates Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) and provides street furniture as an amenity feature for the neighbourhood.

The civil engineering works required for this subdivision development included on-site detention in order to address storm water run-off, a rear lot drainage system was also designed for the east portion of the lots.  The water main to these new lots is serviced through a looped water system.  In order to accommodate the new lots, upgrades were required to the existing off-site storm sewer main.

We completed this project with Platinum Enterprises ltd, with the assistant of the Landscape Architect, Arborist, Project Contractor, etc.

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