On-Site Civil Designs

Salix Condos in Clayton Heights, Surrey

This 4-story, 69 unit condominium development with parkade was completed in 2015 by Woodbridge Homes (Salix) Ltd. H.Y. Engineering Ltd. was retained to provide off-site design illustrating the grading details of the sloped site, storm water control, roads drawing with half-road upgrades along 195A Street including streetlighting. On-site design was also provided to show sanitary, storm, and water main connections, as well as water meter chamber details, and a roadworks plan illustrating driveway, access, and lot grading details. Further, H.Y. Engineering Ltd. designed the Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) measures, provided ESC monitoring, and construction services for the project.

Langley Memorial Hospital Parking Lot Expansion

H.Y. Engineering was invited to act as prime consultant for the parking lot expansion at the Langley Memorial Hospital. H.Y. Engineering Ltd. worked with the Township of Langley to obtain engineering and planning requirements and approvals for the expansion. On-site design services involved storm sewer drainage design, and roadworks drawings with parking lot layout, line markings, and grading details. The use of rain gardens for stormwater treatment, retention, and infiltration purposes were incorporated into the design. H.Y. Engineering Ltd. put out the call for tender of the civil, electrical, and landscape construction aspects of the project and provided contract administration and coordination on behalf of the Langley Memorial Hospital Foundation. The project met all Township standards and completed in 2014 with 710 new parking spaces for the hospital.

3 Story Commercial Office and Retail Development in Guildford, Surrey

H.Y. Engineering Ltd. prepared off-site designs, on-site designs, and construction services for this 3-story commercial building with two underground parkade levels located near Guildford Mall in Surrey. Off-site designs were provided to illustrate the road upgrades (incl. new sidewalk curb and gutter) and road cross sections along 152A Street as well as rear lane improvements. Storm water control methods such as rain gardens and infiltration features were incorporated into the on-site designs which also illustrated the location of sanitary, storm, and water mains to the building. H.Y. Engineering Ltd. also provided Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) design, monitoring, and inspection services.

St. John’s Hospice Care Facility at UBC

H.Y. Engineering Ltd. was pleased to be a part of the development of the first community hospice residence in Vancouver’s West Side. Working closely with the Order of St. John Building Committee and Rositch Hemphill and Associates Architects, H.Y. Engineering Ltd. provided on-site design solutions for the connection of the sanitary and storm sewer mains, as well as on-site grading details in keeping with the project requirements and that of the UBC grounds. Off-site designs were prepared for upgrades to the crosswalk (including curbs and letdowns) extending from the project site across to the gardens at the southern corner of the site.

Southridge Square Commercial Development in Morgan Heights, Surrey

The Southridge Square commercial development is situated within the busy commercial/retail district of the Morgan Heights community of Surrey. H.Y. Engineering provided onsite design services, and Erosion and Sediment Control Design and Monitoring. This development required coordination with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI) due to the property abutting the BC Provincial Highway No. 99.

This 3-story development included the design of at-grade and sub-level parking, level-grade outdoor green space for a childcare center play yard, driveway access to the adjacent development, as well as ramps, walkways, and retaining walls along 24th Avenue. The project required storm water management features including bio-swales, and infiltration galleries to filter portions of the storm water in the ground.

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