Land Development Feasibility Studies

14 Lot Subdivision in Cloverdale, Surrey

H.Y. Engineering has been involved with this project from feasibility to completion. The H.Y.E. Planning Department provided our Client with a feasibility study and preliminary cost analysis for the property. Planning services included liaison with the City and neighbouring property owners/developers to establish maximum development potential and cost savings opportunities beneficial to all parties.

Once the subdivision was approved, H.Y. Engineering provided subdivision layout and off-site design, project management services, construction services, Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) design and monitoring, and inspection services. The designs illustrated a storm water management plan, lot grading and infiltration gallery details, sanitary main extension and connections, watermain extension and connections, and significant roadworks design including the upgrades of the existing 64th Avenue arterial road, the extension and completion of the 64A Avenue collector road, and a lane to be constructed behind the development all with required sidewalks, curbs, gutters, and streetlighting.

20 Lot Subdivision in South Newton

H.Y. Engineering Ltd. was involved with this project from initiation to completion including planning services to coordinate the rezoning and subdivision of the property with the City, and preliminary design of the subdivision layout and servicing concepts and alternatives. On-site and off-site design services included lot grading design, stormwater control plans, site servicing, roadworks with bus bay, and complex retaining walls. Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) design, ESC monitoring, and construction inspection services were also provided for this project.

Cedar Creek Townhomes in Coquitlam

This large multi-phased development, situated on Burke Mountain in Coquitlam, presented unique grading and stormwater retention and infiltration challenges due to the steep slope of the mountain. H.Y. Engineering coordinated with the City of Coquitlam Planning and Development Services Departments to obtain a Development Permit for the project, which included the preparation of the site servicing concept. H.Y. Engineering also provided engineering services for detailed design of the servicing and roadworks required for this project, as well as Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) design and monitoring.

20 Lot Subdivision in Langley

This single family subdivision of 20 lots in Langley was located in an established neighbourhood.  We worked with the Township of Langley Planning and Development Department to determine the necessary public access walkway location.  Additional works were required to address the landscape buffer planting required along Fraser Highway in order to mitigate the noise and sightlines to the busy road.  The buffer design also demonstrates Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) and provides street furniture as an amenity feature for the neighbourhood.

The civil engineering works required for this subdivision development included on-site detention in order to address storm water run-off, a rear lot drainage system was also designed for the east portion of the lots.  The water main to these new lots is serviced through a looped water system.  In order to accommodate the new lots, upgrades were required to the existing off-site storm sewer main.

We completed this project with Platinum Enterprises ltd, with the assistant of the Landscape Architect, Arborist, Project Contractor, etc.

10 Lot Subdivision in Surrey

This 10 lot single family development is an infill development with average site grades exceeding 10%.  This project is located in a highly visible area of Surrey being in close proximity to the Skytrain and major commuter routes.  Due to the location of the development a number of off-site works were designed and built to suit the area.  For example, H.Y. Engineering Ltd. designed the traffic circle in order to create traffic calming in the neighbourhood and also worked with the project sub-consultants to design a sound attenuation fence and architectural concrete retaining walls to reduce the noise along King George Boulevard while being visually appealing.  The project required a number of approvals from Metro Vancouver and Translink in order to design and construct a new storm sewer underneath the Skytrain line. Currently, H.Y. Engineering Ltd. is working with the developer to complete the development.

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