The Residence at Clayton Heights in Surrey


  • Care Facility
  • Heritage Trees
  • Bio-Filtration
  • Latecomer Agreement


  • Civil Engineering
    • Construction Tender, Supervision, Inspection & Contract Administration
    • ESC Design & Monitoring
    • Off-Site Civil Designs
    • On-Site Civil Designs
  • Surveying
    • Construction Layouts

The Residents at Clayton Heights is a unique care facility that works hard to provide the community with a beautiful site.  The Care Facility retained a number of trees on site as well they retained important heritage trees and relocated other heritage trees to a local park site.  H.Y. Engineering Ltd. help to coordinate this application through the City of Surrey.  H.Y. Engineering prepared both the on and off-site design, including the design of bio-filtration mechanisms for the on-site parking as well as designing the services to provide for a basement to the Care Facility.  H.Y. Engineering Ltd. prepared the off-site design which included extending the sanitary sewer 400m and preparing the latecomer agreements for the off-site services.