Rosemary Gate in Surrey


  • Multi-Family Strata Development


  • Civil Engineering
    • Construction Tender, Supervision, Inspection & Contract Administration
    • ESC Design & Monitoring
    • On-Site Civil Designs
  • Surveying
    • Strata

This property is next to the Fire Hall and was originally owned by the City of Surrey and used as a fire training center. The site has been rezoned to a multi-family development with approximately 16 townhomes.  The servicing required for this site included on-site servicing for internal road networks. In addition the strata project also included an amenity space with the necessary planting and design works required by a Landscape Architect. We completed this project with the Developer (Rosemary Gate Properties Ltd.),  the project Architect (Ciccozzi Architecture Inc.), various sub-consultants, and the project contractor.