Granville at 70th in Vancouver


  • Large Development with Safeway Grocer
  • Combination of Low-Rise and High-Rise Residential
  • Public Art Feature
  • Custom curbs for development


  • Civil Engineering
    • Construction Tender, Supervision, Inspection & Contract Administration
    • ESC Design & Monitoring
    • Off-Site Civil Designs
    • On-Site Civil Designs

This is a large conerstone development within the Marpole Community of Vancouver.  Included in this development are many amenity features that bring the community to this location including Safeway, Starbucks and the public library, as well as a mix of high-rise and low-rise residential buildings.  The development also displays a very unique public art feature that has been placed on a pedestal with custom curbing to support the featured art work.

H.Y. Engineering Ltd. contributed to the on and off-site design of this development. The on-site design includes the liaison with the Project Architect to review the site grading as well as working with the Architect for the design of the storm sewer in the on-site laneway while keeping visual interest in mind by designing a lane that has concrete banding and brick inlay.   For off-site works,  H.Y. Engineering Ltd. reviewed the area drainage to ensure that the off-site drainage would be discharge according to the City of Vancouver Bylaws.  H.Y. Engineering Ltd. also designed the road widening on West 70th Avenue as well as all the sidewalks,  access points  and services connections to this beautiful building in Marpole.