60 Lot Family Development in Surrey


  • DFO Approvals
  • Significant off-site construction
  • Significant land dedication to the Ministy of Transporation
  • Significant Watercourses


  • Civil Engineering
    • Construction Tender, Supervision, Inspection & Contract Administration
    • Cost Estimates & Proformas
    • Off-Site Civil Designs
  • Surveying
    • Site & Topographical Surveys
    • Tree Surveys

This is a large 60 lot single family subdivision  development within the City of Surrey.  This subdivision had significant watercourses running though property that required the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Approval in order to development around the fish habitat.  Due to the significant fish habitat the subdivision provided a large amount of parkland to the City of Surrey.  H.Y. Engineering Ltd. prepared the off-site designs for this site which included substantial lot grading design with retaining wall due to the slopes on site. The off-site design also included upgrading the off-site mains in poor soil condition which also required the Ministry of Transportation approval and land dedication to the Ministry of Transportation for the SFPR.  To provide privacy for the subdivision large sound protection fencing and landscaping berms were built to mitigate the noise.  H.Y. Surveying also prepared the sites topographic and tree survey as well as other site surveys.