Blue Vista Townhouses in Surrey


  • Fisheries Approvals
  • Off-site improvements
  • Infill Development
  • Parkland Dedication


  • Civil Engineering
    • Construction Tender, Supervision, Inspection & Contract Administration
    • Cost Estimates & Proformas
    • Off-Site Civil Designs
    • On-Site Civil Designs
  • Surveying
    • Construction Layouts
    • Site & Topographical Surveys
    • Subdivision
    • Tree Surveys

This is a 24 Unit Townhouse in- fill Development located in North Surrey in which H.Y. Engineering Ltd. contributed to the on and off-site design of this development.  The off-site design included liaison with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) in order to gain approval for a storm outfall into the creek and the build of a walkway across the fisheries watercourse into the large dedicated park.  Further, as a part of the off-site design, H.Y. Engineering Ltd. designed the extension of the storm and sanitary sewers  through the residential lane.