6 Storey Apartment Building – Langley


  • Civil Engineering
    • As-built Drawings
    • Catchment Analysis
    • Construction Tender
    • Contract Administration
    • Cost Estimates & Proformas
    • ESC Design
    • ESC Monitoring
    • Feasibility Review (Servicing)
    • Latecomer or Legal Documents
    • Off-Site Civil Designs
    • Off-site Inspections
  • Planning
    • Feasibility Report
  • Surveying
    • Construction Layouts
    • Site & Topographical Surveys

The civil works included a new road arterial road, a new local road, and a new lane as well as road upgrades along existing 84th Avenue. A new DCC funded sanitary trunk sewer was installed along the project frontage and downstream to the Carvolth bus exchange to provide a much-needed bypass for the Township of Langley’s sewer system in this neighborhood. Complex cost sharing agreements and latecomer applications were used to clarify funding responsibilities for shared frontages and shared downstream upgrades as well as negotiations for road right-of-ways.

Other civil works included new watermains, perimeter grading, street lighting, storm sewers, and erosion & sediment control.