27 Lot Subdivision – Surrey


  • Civil Engineering
    • As-built Drawings
    • Construction Tender
    • Contract Administration
    • Cost Estimates & Proformas
    • ESC Design
    • ESC Monitoring
    • Municipal Project Construction Inspections
    • Obtaining Government Agency Approvals
    • Off-Site Civil Designs
    • Off-site Inspections
    • Project Management
  • Surveying
    • Construction Layouts
    • Site & Topographical Surveys
    • Subdivision

This challenging subdivision required constant coordination and consultation with the neighboring property owners regarding tree removal/retention, and half road construction. This subdivision was able to create a connection through this neighborhood for both vehicle traffic and pedestrians while maintaining the neighborhood character created by the surrounding developments. Our services included preparation of the subdivision layout and the interface with the surrounding properties, obtaining Council approval for the rezone, designing the; new road networks, storm sewer systems, sanitary sewer systems, and water mains, coordination with the project contractor to inspect all civil works, and address ESC monitoring to confirm bylaw compliance.