10 Lot Subdivision in Surrey


  • Infill Development
  • Services Run Under Skytrain Line
  • Metro Vancouver Approvals
  • Steep Grades On-Site


  • Civil Engineering
    • Construction Tender, Supervision, Inspection & Contract Administration
    • Cost Estimates & Proformas
    • ESC Design & Monitoring
    • Off-Site Civil Designs
    • Project Management
  • Planning
    • Detailed Subdivision Design Layouts
    • Land Development Feasibility Studies
    • Subdivision & Rezoning Applications
  • Surveying
    • As-Constructed Surveys
    • Boundary Retracement
    • Construction Layouts
    • Control Surveys
    • Site & Topographical Surveys
    • Strata
    • Subdivision
    • Tree Surveys
    • Volume Surveys

This 10 lot single family development is an infill development with average site grades exceeding 10%.  This project is located in a highly visible area of Surrey being in close proximity to the Skytrain and major commuter routes.  Due to the location of the development a number of off-site works were designed and built to suit the area.  For example, H.Y. Engineering Ltd. designed the traffic circle in order to create traffic calming in the neighbourhood and also worked with the project sub-consultants to design a sound attenuation fence and architectural concrete retaining walls to reduce the noise along King George Boulevard while being visually appealing.  The project required a number of approvals from Metro Vancouver and Translink in order to design and construct a new storm sewer underneath the Skytrain line. Currently, H.Y. Engineering Ltd. is working with the developer to complete the development.