Single Family Residential

30 Lot Subdivision in Surrey

This 30 Lot Single Family Subdivision is located in the Douglas Neighbourhood in South Surrey.  H.Y. Engineering Ltd. prepared the off-site design for this project.  The off-site design included designing 2nd Avenue with a chicane  and preparing the design  of infiltration facilities for the road drainage.  Through the challenging grading design we were able to retain a number of trees on site along the east property line to make this a desirable single family development.

23 Lot Subdivision in Surrey

This twenty-three lot subdivision retained the existing house on-site with a number of significant trees.  H.Y. Engineering Ltd. designed the off-site services which included the connection of 82 Avenue and abandoning the temporary water, sanitary, storm, and hydro/tel on 154th Street, further the design of 154B Avenue through the park site in order to create a connection for future development.

60 Lot Family Development in Surrey

This is a large 60 lot single family subdivision  development within the City of Surrey.  This subdivision had significant watercourses running though property that required the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Approval in order to development around the fish habitat.  Due to the significant fish habitat the subdivision provided a large amount of parkland to the City of Surrey.  H.Y. Engineering Ltd. prepared the off-site designs for this site which included substantial lot grading design with retaining wall due to the slopes on site. The off-site design also included upgrading the off-site mains in poor soil condition which also required the Ministry of Transportation approval and land dedication to the Ministry of Transportation for the SFPR.  To provide privacy for the subdivision large sound protection fencing and landscaping berms were built to mitigate the noise.  H.Y. Surveying also prepared the sites topographic and tree survey as well as other site surveys.

Semiahmoo Trail Subdivision in Surrey

This seven (7) lot subdivision is located on Surrey’s prominent Semiahmoo Heritage Trail.  H.Y. Engineering Ltd. prepared the lot layout for the subdivision and coordinated with the Semiahmoo Heritage Society to ensure their concerns were addressed.  The design of the subdivision focused on significant tree retention as well as remediating the trail back to its original state by removing the existing driveways and providing a significant landscape buffer along the frontage of the properties.

20 Lot Subdivision in Langley

This single family subdivision of 20 lots in Langley was located in an established neighbourhood.  We worked with the Township of Langley Planning and Development Department to determine the necessary public access walkway location.  Additional works were required to address the landscape buffer planting required along Fraser Highway in order to mitigate the noise and sightlines to the busy road.  The buffer design also demonstrates Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) and provides street furniture as an amenity feature for the neighbourhood.

The civil engineering works required for this subdivision development included on-site detention in order to address storm water run-off, a rear lot drainage system was also designed for the east portion of the lots.  The water main to these new lots is serviced through a looped water system.  In order to accommodate the new lots, upgrades were required to the existing off-site storm sewer main.

We completed this project with Platinum Enterprises ltd, with the assistant of the Landscape Architect, Arborist, Project Contractor, etc.

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