Multi-family Residential

Keystone in Surrey

The multi-family development located within South Surrey and included a total of 42 townhouse units. The project included off-site road upgrades as well as on-site grading design. There was also on-site storm sewer/sanitary sewer/water connections and water meter chamber design for the strata development. On-site storm water detention was designed for this site in order to address the additional storm water resulting from the development.

Significant tree retention was addressed on this site in order to preserve clusters of on-site trees within various amenity/community areas.

This project was completed with New Cory Investments Inc. and Focus Architecture Inc.

Eight West in New Westminster

This development includes two (2) multi-family residential buildings. The off-site works included off-site road upgrades which incorporates various traffic calming measures. A new off-site storm sewer was constructed along the frontage of the site as well as off-site street light design. The on-site services included the typical; storm sewer, sanitary sewer and water main connections.

The apartment site included significant landscaping along the perimeter of the project and also within the common areas. The parking for this development includes an underground facility that is approximately the full size of the site.

This project was completed with Wanson Development and B & B Contracting.

Abbey Road in South Surrey

This multi-family development includes a total of 80 townhouse units within an urban residential area of Morgan Heights. The off-site works involved road upgrades along the frontages of the site, storm sewer upgrades, and new sanitary sewer construction. This project also included street light design, water meter chamber design, and a grading design. The typical on-site servicing for this project involved storm sewer, sanitary sewer, and water main connections for the subject site.

This project was completed with Morgan Heights Ventures Ltd. and Robert Ciccozzi Architecture Inc.

Apartment Building in Coverdale, Surrey

This is a three story wood frame apartment building within Cloverdale’s downtown.  H.Y. Engineering Ltd. prepared the design for both the on and off-site works within challenging soil conditions.  The off-site works included designing 57A Avenue to the Downtown Cloverdale Standards, designing the realignment of 57 Avenue and closing the existing lane with the underground utilities and re-routing them through to 57 Avenue.

Rosemary Gate in Surrey

This property is next to the Fire Hall and was originally owned by the City of Surrey and used as a fire training center. The site has been rezoned to a multi-family development with approximately 16 townhomes.  The servicing required for this site included on-site servicing for internal road networks. In addition the strata project also included an amenity space with the necessary planting and design works required by a Landscape Architect. We completed this project with the Developer (Rosemary Gate Properties Ltd.),  the project Architect (Ciccozzi Architecture Inc.), various sub-consultants, and the project contractor.

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