Multi-family Residential

Luxor Court 95 Unit Apartment Building in West Newton, Surrey

The Luxor Court is a 4-story apartment complex with 95 residential units. This 4-story wood frame apartment included a underground parking facility for the full area of the site.

This infill project included on-site detention with an underground concrete boxed culvert. The servicing for this site posed a challenge due to an adjacent existing sanitary sewer main which involved working around the existing main for the future servicing requirements. In addition, this project involved crossing conflicts with the sewer connection in the road which required lowering 60 meters of fiber optic Telus duct work.

We worked with the owner, Peak Construction, and the project Architect, Barnett Dembek Architects Inc., in completing this project.

Eight West in New Westminster

This development includes two (2) multi-family residential buildings. The off-site works included off-site road upgrades which incorporates various traffic calming measures. A new off-site storm sewer was constructed along the frontage of the site as well as off-site street light design. The on-site services included the typical; storm sewer, sanitary sewer and water main connections.

The apartment site included significant landscaping along the perimeter of the project and also within the common areas. The parking for this development includes an underground facility that is approximately the full size of the site.

This project was completed with Wanson Development and B & B Contracting.

Abbey Road in South Surrey

This multi-family development includes a total of 80 townhouse units within an urban residential area of Morgan Heights. The off-site works involved road upgrades along the frontages of the site, storm sewer upgrades, and new sanitary sewer construction. This project also included street light design, water meter chamber design, and a grading design. The typical on-site servicing for this project involved storm sewer, sanitary sewer, and water main connections for the subject site.

This project was completed with Morgan Heights Ventures Ltd. and Robert Ciccozzi Architecture Inc.

The Niche in Surrey

This multi-family project includes a townhouse development in the North Grandview Heights area.  The off-site servicing included; new water main construction, new sanitary sewer force main construction, and significant road upgrades along 156th Street.  On-site services for this development included storm sewer, sanitary sewer, and water main connections, as well as the design of a water meter chamber.

This project was completed with Woodbridge Homes Ltd. and Robert Ciccozzi Architecture Inc.

Evergreen Hamlets in Fleetwood, Surrey

This Care Facility in Fleetwood was demolished and re-built as a new facility for it’s residents.  H.Y. Engineering Ltd. prepared the on and off-site design.  The on-site design included designing underground detention.  The off-site was a challenge for this project as the new building had to be tied into the existing off-site infrastructure.

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