Sensha-Ya Hand Car Wash in Richmond

This project began with the analysis of the existing storm and sanitary sewer capacities within a 2 ha. catchment around the proposed development. The sewers were assessed in both the context of the existing land-use with the proposed development, as well as with the catchment developed to the ultimate O.C.P. density. H.Y. Engineering provided the City of Richmond with recommendations for upgrades to the existing storm system for this proposed development and future developments within the catchment. Once the recommendations were adopted by the City and the requirements for the development established, H.Y. Engineering provided off-site and on-site design services for the project. The on-site designs involved turning analyses and included the service locations and connections, road grading and drainage details, turning analyses, curb and driveway details. Off-site designs included roadworks drawings illustrating the upgrades required along Hazelbridge Way and Leslie Road with streetlights and street trees, and designs for storm and sanitary sewer upgrades with connections.

Queens Park West in New Westminster

Located in central New Westminster, Queens Park West is a four-story office building with a roof-top patio and underground parkade. The Uptown Property Group retained H.Y. Engineering Ltd. to provide off-site civil design services, Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) design and monitoring, and construction administration services and inspections. The project required the construction of new road upgrades along Sixth Avenue and Fifth Street, including new street lights and street tree root zones, parkade access, and the complete re-construction of the lane at the rear of the building. Our designs also provided for typical storm, sanitary, and water main connections, coordination with utility companies and with the City of New Westminster.

3 Story Commercial Office and Retail Development in Guildford, Surrey

H.Y. Engineering Ltd. prepared off-site designs, on-site designs, and construction services for this 3-story commercial building with two underground parkade levels located near Guildford Mall in Surrey. Off-site designs were provided to illustrate the road upgrades (incl. new sidewalk curb and gutter) and road cross sections along 152A Street as well as rear lane improvements. Storm water control methods such as rain gardens and infiltration features were incorporated into the on-site designs which also illustrated the location of sanitary, storm, and water mains to the building. H.Y. Engineering Ltd. also provided Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) design, monitoring, and inspection services.

Southridge Square Commercial Development in Morgan Heights, Surrey

The Southridge Square commercial development is situated within the busy commercial/retail district of the Morgan Heights community of Surrey. H.Y. Engineering provided onsite design services, and Erosion and Sediment Control Design and Monitoring. This development required coordination with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI) due to the property abutting the BC Provincial Highway No. 99.

This 3-story development included the design of at-grade and sub-level parking, level-grade outdoor green space for a childcare center play yard, driveway access to the adjacent development, as well as ramps, walkways, and retaining walls along 24th Avenue. The project required storm water management features including bio-swales, and infiltration galleries to filter portions of the storm water in the ground.

Commercial Subdivision in South Surrey

This commercial development is located within the Campbell Heights Business Park and is a tilt-up industrial building. Due to the flatness of the site, the grading design was challenging. This development was one of the first projects to proceed and complete construction and it will be shaping the area for future development. The sustainable drainage features utilized on this site includes bio-swales, infiltration techniques and on-site detention.

This project was completed with Wales McLelland Construction.

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